Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What's with all the running? I think you're really just trying to run from the past.

Now the latest rumor in Albuquerque and the internets says Alford might want to be a Runnin' Ute, not a Runnin' Rebel, next season. Unfortunately, the Albuquerque Journal's site is registration-only, and I couldn't find confirmation of that article online when I did register. So don't.

In fact, here's all that was quoted from the article:

WE HAVE CONTACT: Winthrop sports information director Jack Frost told the Journal that athletic director Tom Hickman has given UNM AD Paul Krebs permission to interview Gregg Marshall for the Lobos' coaching vacancy.
Frost refused to relay a message to Marshall for an interview request.
IF YOU'VE GOT THE MONEY HONEY: Apparently Iowa's Steve Alford's got the time. The latest word in coaching circles is that Alford is telling folks the UNM job is his if he wants it and he is negotiating with Eastman & Beaudine about possibly leaving Iowa.
... Meanwhile, a source in Iowa says that Alford is also campaigning for the vacancy at Utah.
Wait, what the hell is Alford thinking? First, the job isn't his until they hire him; in fact, the longer it takes them to pull the trigger, the less likely it's going to be Alford they take. It's not as if anything he's done in the last ten years stands up to any sort of scrutiny whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I think Jesus specifically warns against counting your chickens before they hatch. Or maybe that was Mother Goose. I don't know, I'm not a religionologist.

Second, if he's already got the UNM job, why is he trying to get in with Utah? Andrew Bogut's not walking through that door! Andre Miller's not walking through that door! Keith Van Horn's not walking through that door! Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala--sorry, wrong sport. OK, let's start again with KVH... Keith Van Horn's not walking through that door! Michael Doleac's not walking through that door! Rick Majerus can't walk through that door!

Either way, I'm ambivalent about seeing Steve looking around so much for new digs. On one hand, the dark ages of Hawkeye basketball would draw to a close. That's a positive. But if things start going well again, well... what the hell would there be for me to write about?

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Anonymous said...

Obviously, Steve is using the Utah job as leverage to get more money from UNM.