Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We're not done with Alford

Sounds like Alford's already started recruiting down at New Mexico. That's all fine and good, except he's recruiting Iowa signees:

Jake Kelly, who signed a national letter-of-intent with the Iowa men's basketball program in November, told The Gazette last night that Steve Alford has invited him to play for his new team at New Mexico.


"He said he'd like for me to come and that he thinks he's got a good future here,'' Kelly said. "He said it's a big-time place and he's excited about it.''
Whoops. Fred Mims in the athletic department here declined to go as far as to call it an NCAA violation, but that isn't ultimately his call to make. I hope the NCAA throws the book at him.

The author of the story, Jim Ecker, indicates Kelly confirmed multiple times that Alford invited him to play down in New Mexico.

The crazy part is that Alford was never a rule-breaker at Iowa. He was a crappy coach, but he was a crappy coach the right way.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that slick didn't mention this in his new blog. You'll certainly want to bookmark this one, as I'm sure he'll be updating it often:

Anonymous said...

It's offically the start of the "Steve Alford Outreach" program. You know, when he finally decided to ingratiate himself to the fans.

Ooops! I'd love to hear his explanation for this latest goof.