Thursday, March 8, 2007

im in ur mag, twistin ur notez

Check out today's hilarity from the Register. Doug Gottlieb talked about his Alford firing rumor (you know, the one that mysteriously showed up under Andy Katz's name for some reason), and he's not backing down. Or he is kind of.

Gottlieb added: “Just so you know, it was edited a little bit stronger than the note I sent in to ESPN The Magazine, that Steve Alford may be in trouble.”

So the rumor that Alford is out was Andy Katz's, then it was Doug Gottlieb's, then it was some rogue, unnamed editor misrepresenting all over the place? Just admit that you fucked up, ESPN:TM. At this point you're just making Alford look good.


Deacon said...

im n ur hocks, doin like jeebus do

Anonymous said...

you think your so tough, bloggerboy, but doug gottlieb wood totaly kick your ass. he knows how too handle whimps like you. you couldn't hold his jock, but I no you wood want to. LMAO, bitch!!!!!!!

Regards, HI