Wednesday, March 7, 2007

ESPN: The Magazine drinks Haterade

Here's a brief synopsis of the Alford firing rumor and ESPN: The Magazine's subsequent treatment of it.

ESPN announces Andy Katz's article will say Alford's out.
Alford and Iowa AD Gary Barta call bullshit.
ESPN says the article should have credited someone else at ESPN for the rumor, because that's where it came from.
Alford: "Doug Gottlieb? Fuck Doug Gottlieb."

Big props, Captain Hair Gel. Though I want you to stop coaching my favorite team, I admire the fact that you recognize that Doug Gottlieb, like bird flu or SARS, is not a threat to be taken seriously.

The actual bullshit article is here, and I recommend you read it, if for no other reason than the picture they found of Alford makes it look like he aged about 20 years over the past couple days.

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