Thursday, March 22, 2007

"No comment" tells us plenty, thanks

Local columnist Susan Harman has today's Alford update for the Press-Citizen. It still looks awfully likely that he's gone, but now might be a good time to make sure you know what cabinets the Xanax and Black Velvet are in.

That's because for all the certainty of Andy Katz and his unnamed "multiple sources," there's still an awful lot of people who don't know anything about him leaving--like, say, the starting point guard:

News about New Mexico's official interest in Alford filtered through Iowa's locker room Wednesday.

"We've heard about it, but we haven't talked to coach Alford, so I really can't comment on anything," Freeman said.

When asked if he expected Alford to coach at Iowa next season, Freeman said: "Definitely - at least I hope so."
Steve. How are you gonna do Tony like that?? All the kid wants is a little honesty. Well, also about fifteen more shots a game, but I don't think Alford can give him that.

Even the incoming recruits don't have a clue what all the talk is about. We've already heard from that kid out in Maryland telling us Alford signed a 5-year deal, and now incoming forward Jarryd Cole is the latest victim of the system:
Jarryd Cole, who signed a letter of intent with Iowa last fall, said he hadn't talked to any of the Iowa coaches about the situation.

"I guess confusing is the best way to put it," Cole said. "I've just got to stay positive, keep my head up and hope it isn't true."

Cole said he wasn't sure what he would do if Alford leaves Iowa. He is bound by the letter of intent but some schools grant waivers when coaches leave before the student-athlete matriculates.
Look what you're doing to the kids, Steve. Think of the children. You know who didn't just up and leave when things got tough? Yup... Jesus. It's time to live up to the bracelet, even if that means Craig Neal's going to betray you for 30 silver pieces and the Cyclones crucify you. It's WWJD, not WWATPD (What Would A Total Pussy Do).

Steve can put a quick end to a lot of speculation by simply stating that he's the head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes and he intends to stay here. Never one to consider Iowa fans stupid, though, he leaves the work for us to read between the lines:
Alford, who flew out of the Cedar Rapids airport Tuesday but was expected to return to his office today, declined comment through the Iowa sports information office.
Well, that's probably all we need to know, isn't it?

Isn't it?

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