Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Re-re-calibrating the odds

Dana Altman: 50%
Rick Majerus: 25%
Chris Lowery: 15%
Lon Kruger: 5%
Tom Crean: 5%
Bruce Pearl: 0%
Steve Alford: 0%



Kim said...

Day 1, I was against Alford. I have no visceral feelings about Altman, I just don't know.

Did you call Barta's bat phone to suggest Speraw?

Deacon said...

I'd say Lowery's further out than that. And we know Majerus is interested, but has Barta even contacted Ride 'em Rick?

I'm really getting the feeling that even money on Altman is still a punter-friendly line, and I'm advising all of my clients to take the Pearl 4-1 nonstarter fund and invest the rest at Altman 1-1.

That puts the whole portfolio on Altman, but he's the only name associated with credible rumors.