Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My name is Oops Pow Surprise, and I run this joint

At this point, the reliable, non-contradictory chatter is almost non-existent. I've heard Altman's off the list and I've heard he's the top choice. I've heard Kruger doesn't want to go anywhere, and I've heard he's Iowa's current target. I've heard Rick Majerus wants to coach at Iowa, and I've heard that's stupid. Maybe Magic Johnson actually will come coach. Who knows?

Gary Barta, if you're reading this (which he is most definitely not), drop me a line and give me a heads-up. I'll even make it a blind item so everyone can doubt it. But we'll know.


Deacon said...

We can't both run this joint. You had to know it would come to this.

OPS, you're fired.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Luckily, Deacon, I have a very favorable buyout contract.

Let's just say you shouldn't be counting on all your major organs for too much longer. I've been using my liver like it was going to be replaced real soon, and yours is looking mighty ripe.