Friday, March 9, 2007

One step closer to the finish line

I hope, faithful readers, that you didn't spend any time in front of the TV watching the Purdue-Iowa debacle. It was, to put it delicately, an absolute fucking shitstorm.

Here's a good indicator of how competitive Iowa was:

0:00 - Game starts
0:08 - Purdue takes lead
13:13 - Purdue is ahead by double digits
40:00 - Game over

Iowa scored four second-chance points. On 13 offensive rebounds. If you try to comprehend that, your brain will hurt, so let's just move on.

They just plain looked disinterested, and that's the worst part about it. Why wouldn't you care, if you're playing for the Hawks? Why aren't you thinking about going on another patented Iowa tourney run? And why are you letting the Purdue Goddamn Boilermakers dunk on you and pound on their chests like Hot Carl Landry is doing up there? How in God's name can you come out flat when you're fighting for your life (from a tourney standpoint, mind you--I don't think any of the Hawkeyes are going to be executed)?

At the very least, we can be happy that the season is one game closer to a merciful end. I, for one, most certainly didn't enjoy wanting the Hawkeyes to win more than they did. I don't know who's at fault for that--the seniors, the coaches, the underclassmen--but even that's largely irrelevant. The bottom line is that the Hawks lost their 14th game, and they're heading for a quick 15th--they're not even that good by NIT standards. Ouch.

Speaking of "ouch," how do you like Haluska taking the Spalding-brand dickshot from #4 there? No wonder he shot 4-16--he probably spent the rest of the game wondering if his balls had re-ascended.


Deacon said...

The puzzler to me in all this is that the proprietor of a blog devoted to hair gel would devote anything less than 5000 words and 5 figures to the stylist's fantasy that is Steve Alford, Matt Painter, and Steve Lavin in the same building.

In short, I should be getting slick-back tips and instead I'm seeing a lot of pissing and moaning. You dropped the ball, son.

PS. Fire Steve Alford

man vs. train said...

It's not like I expected much. After all these years I know what Alford's got in store for us. This however, may have been the most pathetic effort I have seen in the Alford era.
It's almost as though the NIT started a few days early for the Hawks.