Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Greg Oden's AAU coach needs a new neighbor

There's a post on the New Mexico boards that I don't feel like searching for, but reads as such:

Lobo fans, greetings from Indiana. I am a long time lobo fan and former member of this board under another handle (lobopig). Here in Indianapolis, I have a friend and neighbor who is a Coach of one of the powerhouse AAU teams in the area. Greg Oden, Mike Connely, Jr. are some of his recent players. At any rate this guy has contact with D1 coaches everyday and this morning he sent me an e-mail stating that Steve Alford was going to be the next New Mexico coach. This guy is extremely reliable and was instrumental in the recruitment of Eric Gordon to Indiana after a verbal to Illinois. The press conference is going to be Friday. This will cause particular waves here because Alford wasn't offered the IU job despite the wish of many IU fans here in Indiana.
A quick little google work says Greg Oden's AAU coach was... Mike Conley Sr.! Well, well, well. In case you hadn't been paying close attention to the Buckeyes (understandable), Conley the Elder has begun being involved in sports representation, anticipating his son's and Oden's big payoff. It seems only academic to deduce that he's got plenty of contacts within coaching circles at this point; it's not a statement he'd make if he was just guessing.

So the father of an OSU basketball player and one with huge ties to the coaching circles says Alford is gone by the end of the week. I'm overjoyed, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go streaking on the Pentacrest. Happy days may well be here again, Hawk fans.

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Cale Brakke said...

Alford's gone?

Hmmmm....Creighton fans will not be happy.