Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Adam Haluska: First Team All-Big 10

The accolades keep pouring in for Haluska, and deservedly so. He was asked to carry a team almost single-handedly (Lotus Blossom is too spiritually advanced to acknowledge subservience), and he did so in remarkable fashion. Here are his numbers, courtesy of the prize of the internets, MidMajority.com.

Haluska scores efficiently: 1.16 PPWS is great, considering defenses are almost singularly geared to stop him. He's lethal at the stripe, especially in late-game situations. He never fouls out. His A/T ratio is a solid 1.5/1. And above all else, he conducts himself very well on and off the court.

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Alando Tucker took the Big Ten Player of the Year this year. Like Haluska, Tucker has been the senior leader and load-bearer of his team, and he has done so very well. But without Tucker, that Wisconsin team's about as good as Iowa was this year. Without Haluska, the Hawkeyes are about as good as Penn State Northwestern. At best. Sure gets you psyched for '08, doesn't it??

Seriously though--Haluska's meant more to his team this year than anyone else can possibly claim in the Big Ten. They should have given the kid his proper dues.

EDIT: Here's Deke's contribution to the discussion. Hard to disagree with yoga levitation.

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Deacon said...

I guess fancy stats are important to the movers and shakers who decide things like "When do we invade Iran?" and "Who's the B10 Player of the Year?". When it comes to the POY, I say you go with the guy who can levitate, breathe fire, and represent all yoga-like.