Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gary Barta has no use for your goddamned questions

As the move to New Mexico looms, reporters have hounded Gary Barta for further details. Gary Barta doesn't give a fuck.

Shortly after, Barta entered the office and — after a 32-minute meeting with Alford — told waiting media that a press conference will be held tomorrow afternoon in Iowa City.

When asked to elaborate on the meeting with Alford, Barta said: “I have no additional comment.”
No additional comment? Not "hell yeah he's leaving, what the hell did you expect?" Nothing? C'mon. This Alford secret's about as well-kept as McDonald's Big Mac sauce (Thousand Island) or what really causes hurricanes to hit the U.S. (magnetic attraction to Southern Baptists).

I do kind of like that Barta's a dick to the media, though. It's not as if sportswriters serve any real purpose here in Iowa. I'm glad Barta's showing who runs shit around here.

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