Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"So much love, and also so much information."

More bad news today. The Hair Gel's favorite college basketball blogger, Big Ten Wonk, is hanging up the Chuck Taylors after this season. Sort of. Not really. Says the Wonk:

I've decided that this will be the last season of "Big Ten Wonk."

Next season I'll continue to write on a regular basis on college basketball. I just don't know where, exactly. Watch this space for a referral.

Regular readers know that this past season I spent less time on, say, Northwestern than on North Carolina, Florida, UCLA, Kansas, Georgetown, and Butler. I know this shift befuddled a few of you and, given this blog's title, any befuddlement was entirely reasonable. So now I want to end that confusion: I want to write about college basketball. The whole thing.
Tearful and despondent, I was moved to rip off poetry. With a doff of the cap to Jack Byrnes...

You gave me tempo-free,
You gave me PPWS,
You gave me Oden.
Your name was Wonk,
A wonk from the Big Ten.
But you were also a wonk of the rest of basketball,
And it needed you, too.
I selfishly tried to hold on to you,
While other conferences ate away at your heart,
Like an unstoppable rebel force.
And now we'll meet in Heaven,
And I shall see you
Probably next year, probably next year, (sniff) probably next year.

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Deacon said...

Holy god was that terrifying.