Friday, March 23, 2007

Watch the New Mexico and Iowa press conferences online

[Both sites require Internet Explorer. Sorry.]

Both schools are part of the CSTV network, which is good news for online content. Thus, both schools are webcasting the press conferences free.

3 PM CDT - UNM press conference
Go to and click on "All Access" on the right, above the chick with the large head. From there, register if you have to (it's free and takes about 5 seconds), then click on the "PRESS CONFERENCES" tab.

4 PM CDT - UI press conference
Go to and find the "All Access" button on the right again. It's a bit harder to locate, but it's there. From there, repeat the above directions.

I'll be watching both and posting notes here if you can't watch either of them.

Oh, and in case this sounds like an advertisement for CSTV, it's not. As a matter of fact, I recommend unclicking all the e-mail options when you register.

LATE UPDATE: Both videos are also available at Thanks to The Wizard of Odds.

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