Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Hair Gel's 2007 NCAA Tournament Field

First: a huge thank you to for all the RPI data. I wouldn't be doing any of this without Ken Pomeroy's clearinghouse of data. So start going there all the time.

Second: It would be funny, in a "dick move" kind of way, to put a camera in Iowa City on the Hawkeyes for the Selection Special.

Third: Here are the seeds the way I see them:

16 seeds: Jackson State, Florida A&M (play-in game), Central Connecticut, North Texas, Weber State
15 seeds: EKU, Niagara, Belmont, Oral Roberts,
14 seeds: Miami University, Albany, Holy Cross, Long Beach
13 seeds: Tex-CC, Penn, Wright State, NMSU
12 seeds: Davidson, Gonzaga, George Washington, Drexel
11 seeds: VCU, Texas Tech, Purdue, Winthrop
10 seeds: Illinois, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Arkansas
9 seeds: USC, Xavier, Arizona, Syracuse
8 seeds: Michigan State, Boston College, Vanderbilt, Villanova
7 seeds: Duke, Butler, Virginia, Kentucky
6 seeds: BYU, Marquette, Virginia Tech, Louisville
5 seeds: Creighton, Notre Dame, Nevada, Washington State
4 seeds: UNLV, Tennessee, Texas, Maryland
3 seeds: Southern Illinois, Oregon, Memphis, Texas A&M
2 seeds: Wisconsin, Georgetown, Kansas, Pitt
1 seeds: UCLA, Ohio State, UNC, Florida

Last teams in: Drexel (12 seed), Purdue, Texas Tech (11 seeds)
Worst RPI's in: Virginia (#54), Texas Tech (#53)
Best RPI's left out: Air Force (#30), Missouri State (#36), Bradley (#38)

Conference RPI standings (number of bids received)
1. ACC (7)
2. SEC (4)
3. Pac-10 (5)
4. Big 10 (6)
5. Big East (7)
6. MVC (2)
7. Big XII (5)
8. MWC (2)
9. WAC (2)
10. Atlantic 10 (2)

Mid-Major Involvement
For purposes of consistency, regardless of the conference ranks, we'll regard the ACC, Big 10, Big XII, Pac-10, Big East, and SEC as the "power conferences." Although the Missouri Valley rates very well in comparison to those teams, until Bradley gets to the Final Four or something, they're still a mid-major.

Power Conference Automatic Bids: 6
Mid-Major Automatic Bids: 25
Power Conference At-Large Bids: 28
Mid-Major At-Large Bids: 6

If you disagree with any of these seeds, you are wrong.

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