Saturday, March 10, 2007

Steve Alford & Tim Hardaway will get along nicely

Steve Alford hears the New Mexico rumors, sports media, and he doesn't like them:

‘‘You know how I am with rumors,’’ Alford said Friday after Iowa lost to Purdue, 74-55, in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten tournament. ‘‘There’s been enough rumors about me in eight years, it’s hard to believe I’m not in a dress by now. With all the rumors out on me for the last eight years, I’m glad I’m still in a coat and tie.’’
I know I ask this question quite frequently, but, um... what?

I hope this doesn't get to a point where Alford has to make a public apology to the GLBT crowd--that's not what I'm getting at. Most people, sadly, have a much more caustic opinion of the non-traditional members of society than that. It's just that, well... it came straight out of nowhere. There have been plenty of things blamed for turning a straight man, well, "awry," but rumors about where he's going to work is a new one for us all.

Let's review:

What the rumors might do to Alford;

Where Alford's still glad to be.

I think Steve's selling himself short, here. Say what you will about traditional gender roles in society, but I think he looks awfully fetching in that silver-and-white-whatever. The heels don't do much for him, though. Seems like he's just overcompensating at that point.

[NOTE: The story in question is not available online to non-subscribers of the Cedar Rapids Gazette. It appears on Page 4C of the print version. Many thanks to ChapelHillHawk for reprinting the story.]


Deacon said...

Steve doesn't make a half-bad Witherspoon. The only danger is if Steve keeps that perky figure up, it's going to be hard for Barta to say no a second extension. Gary's a known sucker for "Legally Blond," parts 1 AND 2.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Legally Hair Gelled?

Deacon said...

Seriously, OPS, is the cardboard-cutout Ferentz taking Barta's calls? Is he in the mix?

Oops Pow Surprise said...

I'll put in a call to zephyr copies, deke, but I'm not optimistic. I checked up on it--turns out when Barta was at Wyoming, he hired nothing but real people. No cutouts, statues, photos attached to a stick to hold up in lieu of a real person... nothing. Seems like we have a bigot at the top of the athletic department.