Friday, March 16, 2007

After the first round of games...

I'd like to thank the Great Danes of Albany (by the way, it turns out most of their players aren't even great, let alone natives of Denmark). Not only did they not upset Virginia, they got the living shit kicked out of them. How are people supposed to take the Hair Gel seriously if I can't even pick a decent upset correctly?

As for the rest of the games to start the day, no surprises.

Memphis beat North Texas by 15. This game was actually pretty close into the second half, and fun to watch. UNT dictated the pace and either led or stayed within a couple points for most of the game. Then Memphis turned it on and scored about 20 points in roughly five seconds. They're dangerous. Then again, that's what I said about Long Beach, and they've only given up 57 points in the first half.

UNLV over Georgia Tech by 4. UNLV controlled the game, but Tech clawed back and actually took a brief lead in the last few minutes. UNLV's got senior leadership, though, and right now they're looking like a solid pick against whoever wins this Wisconsin vs. TAMU-CC pillow fight. Seriously, Wisconsin doesn't even look like a 2-seed in a 50+ church league tournament right now.

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