Sunday, March 11, 2007

Craig Neal isn't feeling loyal

So here's some news that is in no way depressing: the associate head coach is openly campaigning for a coaching spot somewhere else.

"I'm really happy at Iowa, but I've always wanted to be a head coach," said Neal, who says he has not talked to anyone at DU.
That's my absolute favorite graf in the story, because it tells you everything you need to know, which is:

1) Craig Neal's long-term plans don't include Iowa;
2) He hasn't even talked to anyone at the school about it yet.

Never mind keeping quiet so as to remain professional and not alarm the Hawkeye faithful or anything--Craig Neal wants out in a bad way. I can't say I blame him, of course--it would be awfully depressing to be a lifetime assistant coach. Further, it looks like Neal has a calculated sense of timing; not many schools would be looking to hire an assistant of a coach who just got fired.

But c'mon Craig, the University of Denver?! They're hilariously bad. Like, second-worst in the entire NCAA. They won four games. Best of all, they're--for some reason--in the Sun Belt, alongside such natural regional rivals as South Alabama, Florida Atlantic, and Western Kentucky. Campaigning for that job seems like a loud cry for help. I just hope we don't find him in the Carver-Hawkeye parking lot with a shaved head beating Steve Alford's SUV with an umbrella.

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Deacon said...

Assuming he likes to talk, I have a feeling that it would be a-okay to run into Terry Carroll at an airport bar. Just feed 'em beer until he runs out of stories. I bet he's got enough Shelley Clark stories alone to fill a modestly sized paperback.