Tuesday, April 3, 2007


This is a house of basketball! - JC Himself

You know, Steve mentioned it at his press conference, but he didn't really do the salesman in himself justice. His overly opulent mansion/gymnasium is up for sale, and if you're thinking of relocating to Coralville, now's the time.

Now, Jesus had a slight disdain for opulence, so it would seem slightly hypocritical for a WWJD-bracelet-rocking God Warrior (no, not this kind) to not only live in a $1.6 million house, but demand the contractors cut him a break on the price*, but hey... sweet gym.

There are plenty of other pictures and sickening figures on the House That Alford Built, so by all means check them out. As a matter of fact, leave an offer with the guys if you want! I don't think they want to hear my three-figure offer--not when it includes a down payment and a bank loan--but if you have two million to burn and you need lots of wooded areas to stash some snitches, it's hard to do much worse.

There were plenty of pictures of the house on the site, like the one listed above. I am moderately sure I do not have the rights to redistribute these, but until they start putting up notices of digital rights to those pictures, here's a couple!
Yikes. It looks like Tanya Alford threw up.

While it may resemble a pool cover, this is just the first letter of the message Steve left in his backyard for the next time the Google Maps satellite comes through. It says pretty much what you think it says.

*unconfirmed, yet widely disseminated rumor in state of Iowa over last, oh, 8 years.

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Buddy Light said...

Maybe the bedroom was her weight-loss program. Frankly it looks like she needs to be more bulimic, or maybe she should have used the home gymnasium more often.