Monday, April 2, 2007

In case you hadn't noticed....

It's Opening Day today!

The Hair Gel is going to be updated only sporadically today, barring any major updates. And that's where you, faithful readers, will come in. I'll be checking my email by cell phone periodically. If anything substantial happens (likelihood: low), e-mail us at the Hair Gel at Otherwise, go grab a case of Old Style beer, turn on WGN radio, and let Pat Hughes's* dulcet tones guide you through all that is great about the beginning of spring (all, that is, except girls in public wearing skimpy clothing for the first time in months).

Go Cubs go!

*nice catch, anonymous. We Iowa natives are Chicagoically retarded.


Anonymous said...

Well...if this were hockey, then I might listen to Pat Foley. Seeing as though this is baseball, I think I'll stick to Pat Hughes.

Stick to the Hawkeye Stuff. Namely, such things as the fact that the Hawkeye basketball players biggest complaint about the last staff was the fact that SA never traveled with the team. Ever. SA, his family, and part of the staff flew to road games via private jet. I'm so glad the bitch is gone.

Anonymous said...

...sorry if I sounded like a cock in my last comment (above). I'm just a little edgy ever since Majerus spurned both Iowa and free burritos.

Believe me, I'd rather be in Iowa than in Chicago. If you wanna trade places, I'm listening.