Tuesday, April 3, 2007

It's okay, Dana. We understand.

I want pass along a nod to Dana Altman, former head coach of Creighton and head coach of Arkansas, and then former head coach of Arkansas and head coach of Creighton again. He's also been an honorary head coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes for some time. In fact, if you've followed recent internet rumors closely, Altman still has the Iowa position sewed up and is expected to sign any minute. (As a result, I think this post qualifies as "Hawkeye related.")

Back to the nod, I understand the need for Men of Influence to act in an upstanding fashion--i.e. honor agreements, hold doors, kick cats, please & thank you, sir & ma'am, toke & pass, etc. However, you've got to tip your hat to a man who is able to realize a mistake, no matter how delayed that realization may be, and act to correct that mistake, no matter how public and embarrassing those actions may be. Was it the SOOOOOOOIE? Who the hell knows. All we know is it took Altman less time to bail on AR-kansas than it takes the namesake of this here blog to publicly detail the shortcomings of a student-athlete. And that's fast.

I suppose I feel compelled to step up for Dana simply because of his given name. Does he know that it's the feminine form of "Dan"? That's gotta be a killer, even for a grown man capable of flipping the bird to the SEC.

Anyhow, here's an Iowa Hawkeye telling you "Way to be, Dana!" Don't let those hogs give you hell.


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Deacon said...

You don't like monkeys?

JebusHChrist said...

One look at his meet and greet told me he was terrified of those people. What a horrible fit. I wish him well but would prefer he'd leave the state of Iowa off his recruiting charts.