Thursday, April 12, 2007

RIP Paul Rhodes... And Hello Lady Soliday

I recently learned that Paul Rhodes of KCCI-TV (or, for many Iowans, "Channel 8") passed away this March. I thought I'd pay tribute to Paul's memory by posting the photo below and mentioning the incredible crush that I had on Heidi Soliday of KCCI-TV. Heidi showed up on Channel 8 just as young Deke's flower started to bloom. I'm sure many Iowans shared my love of Heidi, but that restraining order was mine and Heidi's alone.

There she is over on the right, shoulders squared, looking as prim and pert as an apple blossom in that technicolor dreamcoat of hers. Something's rotten in DSM, of course: that scum John Pascuzzi is hovering close by, seated at Heidi's left. As a kid, I could never figure out what Pascuzzi was up to: he talked about movies on TV (that's a job?) and he didn't wear a tie. Back then we called him "hippie," now we'd call him "terrorist." Either way, you're still on my shitlist, Pascuzzi.

You'll note Paul Rhodes over on the left stuck by the Cooney Couple. I suppose Paul felt obligated to stand next to the Cooneys since nobody else wanted to--a peacemaker was Paul Rhodes. Anyhow, that's 1978 (or maybe 1979) for you. A great time to be an Iowan and especially a Hawkeye fan: Gable was god, Rhodes ran the news desk at KCCI with an iron fist, and a goofy Texan by the name of Fry had just rolled into town.

And Heidi... Call me.


Anonymous said...

Weren't Connie McBurney and Dolph Puliam an item?

...The Nation

Deacon said...

Pardon me?

Mickey Burns and Dolph?

I'm going to need a moment to think that one over.

Anonymous said...

I must say, as someone who grew up in the 90s with parents who watched the Channel 8 News every night, it's really weird to see a picture the Conneys and Soliday when they were young. They've always been "those old people on the news" to me.

Anonymous said...

That's quite an assortment of legendary Iowa broadcast talent.(oxymoron? Heck no!) It's amazing how many of those folks were Channel 8 lifers.

I grew up watching the Channel 8 News nightly with the folks as soon as I was able to stay up 'til 10, and remember well Connie with the weather and Pete Taylor with sports.

Nice find Deacon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Pete was one of the good ones (god rest his soul) until he sold out and became Mr. Clone.

I guess there's room up there for a little crimson and gold, though.