Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Mexico fans aren't listening

I've said it before--don't feed Alford adulation before he's done anything. He only becomes more addicted to it. He craves it.

Nonetheless, UNM set up a publicity-grabber for him at an Isotopes exhibition on Tuesday night. Steve got to sign autographs, shake hands with kids, and *gasp* throw out the first pitch! Most precious of all, the jersey the UNM coach gave him had #12 on it. For when Steve played basketball. 20 years ago. There's a link to a small picture gallery in his blog entry with a couple precious moments.

Come on. The one thing that's stopping Alford from being a great coach is his inability to get over his past and himself. He's such a wiener for Bob Knight and Indiana that it's sickening. If you really want your coach to grow up, Lobos, you'll cut the "Gold Medal Salsa" and "Here's a jersey with #12" business and make him be a coach.

1987's a long, long time ago.

And it wants its hair back.


Dweeze said...

Come on man, cut some slack. 1987 certainly does not want the hair back. It wants to forget the hair, just like the rest of us.

Deacon said...

So long as he's on somebody else's team, you keep the whole dagblasted package. You keep the whining, preening, FCA monkeyshines, and color-blind wife. And you sure as shit do not cut the Gold Medal Salsa, which is a decent contribution by UNM toward the Alford Legacy.

Cut the Gold Medal Salsa??!? What in the hell is wrong with you?