Monday, April 2, 2007

The sticking point

"Word"* is that Rick Majerus is at an impasse with Barta over the job description. Apparently, Majerus is under the impression that his weekly coaching show will be coached by Gary The Dolphin, and not just Gary Dolphin. Majerus does not know how to communicate with dolphins, like in that docu-drama Flipper. When Barta tried to tell Majerus that Gary's not a real dolphin, Majerus reportedly said, "Well, I don't speak porpoise either!" and hung up angrily. Now both sides are refusing to take any calls from the other.

Sad situation, really.
* Total bullshit rumor

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Dweeze said...

That's too bad. Everyone knows that Gary Dolphin is some kind of primate. I'm not sure what kind of primate, but obviously some kind of primate.