Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Onto the sport that oppressed Steve Alford

Believe it or not, the football season has started wintery hell spring practice, and looms only a few short months away. While that news undoubtedly doesn't sit well with Alford, it's great news in Iowa City. So the first news about a starter isn't about Jake Christensen at QB or the Albert Young/Damian Sims duo at RB... No, it's Brett Greenwood, currently named starter at free safety. What?? Who?!

Yep... Brett Greenwood, a walk-on redshirt freshman from Pleasant Valley has emerged as the starter at free safety over Marcus Wilson, who started for Marcus Paschal twice last season.

As the article notes, the move shouldn't come as too much of a shock; Greenwood was already on the team's road dress team, so he's no typical walkon. Nonetheless, one has to wonder if the door isn't wide open for Wilson to regain the spot--or for super prospect Jordan Bernstine to make an immediate impact during his true freshman year.


Deacon said...

Not to take anything away from Greenwood, but this could be one of those tricks coaches like to pull with rosters to motivate certain players. We'll see come fall.

JebusHChrist said...

And that is exactly where we need our program going. It was built on hard workers, not blue chippers. Back to the basics is the best news I've had all day.

Anonymous said...

This is either really cool or really depressing, I can't decide. Our secondary is a mess right now. I'd be stunned if Bernstein wasn't starting by at least midseason.

Deacon said...

I don't think the secondary is a mess. There's hidden experience there. It certainly isn't as solid as other parts of our game, but right now it's best to avoid panic mode. Wait until August at least.