Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tragedy strikes Morgantown

Sad news out of West Fuckin' Virginia today, as they've announced their next coach will be... ugh... Bob Huggins.

Look, it's great that he's going back "home" to his alma mater and hometown, but come on. It's Bob Huggins. The guy's graduation rate is about the same as his BAC. The name "Thuggy Bear" didn't come out of nowhere. And now, just because he's back home doesn't mean he's going to clean up his act or stop recruiting guys who have no business being enrolled in a 4-year-institution.

Look--I'm not taking an elitist approach to education. If those kids want to go to school, that's fantastic. But universities like "West Virgina" have admission standards because they don't have unlimited facilities. And these non-qualifiers that Huggins is famous for recruiting ought to take the legit route: Enroll in a local community college, play some ball there, earn a 2-year degree, and earn their way into a 4-year school after that. A jump shot should not be a substitute for four years of hard work in a high school classroom.

Bob Huggins is what's wrong with college basketball.

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Anonymous said...

Well done, sir...