Monday, April 9, 2007

Randy Peterson totally has a crush on Lickliter

There's a great story from the Sunday DM Register on Todd Lickliter. It's full of all those tidbits that you get by interviewing a 50-year-old's family:

"When the police brought me home," Marc said, "Todd was sitting there on the couch reading the newspaper and acting like he hadn't done anything - except for the fact that he was dripping wet.

"The police - they didn't even bother to question him. They still don't know that Todd was swimming illegally in that gravel pit. For all they know, he's still out there someplace."
We also hear from Lickliter's mom, whose name is Jimmye Sue (Jimmye Sue!) and who tells us things like this:
"I think Todd played a season of Little League baseball and maybe one season of pup football, but mainly, he was all basketball," Jimmye Sue said while looking through scrapbooks that featured her five children.
I strongly recommend you read the article; not only is the author's mancrush on Lickliter wildly evident, but it has this picture:
Then a mighty pelvic thrust ensued. And that, friends, is how babies are made.


Anonymous said...

Solid tag choice for that post...

"you know what I'm talkin' about"

JebusHChrist said...

That article made me sick.