Monday, February 26, 2007

Great news from the Google front

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My website is already the #6 Google response for a search of: fire steve alford.

Now, mind you--I don't think I've ever advocated his firing on this page, per se; he's screwed the program up pretty badly, but I don't know who we'd bring in to replace him, or what that new coach would even be able to do with a team built around, uh, Tyler Smith and Seth Gorney.

I do, however, recognize an opportunity for increased traffic when I see it. So on that note, I'm going to get in some more mentions of "fire steve alford" without actually requesting his termination. Observe:

I don't know if we should Fire Steve Alford.
A lot of people want to Fire Steve Alford.
In 1981, as the world enjoyed the movie Chariots of Fire, Steve Alford tirelessly practiced his jump shot.
If he were a caveman who discovered Fire, Steve Alford would be very popular among his peers, but probably long dead by now.
Whenever I listen to that one Man in Motion song by John Parr that mention's St. Elmo's Fire, Steve Alford comes to mind. I don't know why.

That ought to do the trick.


Deacon said...

Here's why we fire Steverino: there's a kid with a WWJD bracelet out there, roaming around your What Cheers, Cherokees, Shenandoahs, or Aldens, indiscriminately banging secretaries and berating playground chums over games of 4-square.

Like it or not, Hoosier, you're a role model to these kids.

Anonymous said...

Rock on....this blog is awesome.