Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Iowa played just well enough to lose to a really awful Penn State team. Here's just about all you need to know:

2FG: 18-27
3FG: 9-31

The rest of the stats can be found here.

Penn State fought harder for the win, and Iowa just shot 3's all game long. I understand that they're often the most open shot against a zone like the Nits play, but look at what's working, here.

Haluska dropped 30 and looked good. Tyler Smith scored most of his 14 in the first half, and shouldn't have shot so many 3's (1-6). He was killer in the middle of the zone.

Looby and Tate combined for 2 points and 3 rebounds in 31 minutes of action. AD Gary Barta, I am more than willing to perform that sort of service for pennies compared to a full ride. End the uneconomical madness of paying them a full ride for such measly results!

I'll have plenty more to say about this tomorrow, as well as my first in a serious of tournament field recaps. Some of the impetus for the tourney recaps is gone, since there's no need to compare Iowa's current place to those fields, but the show must go on, my friends.

God I hate Steve Alford.

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