Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Congratulations to Adam Haluska

Adam Haluska was just named ESPN The Magazine's Academic All-American of the Year. Snark aside, that's a heck of an honor for a guy who has represented the UI very well in his 3 years of play here.

He's also on the Naismith Award watch list, which puts him in a list of 30 semifinalists. He won't get it, for reasons that barely have to do with his performance. First, the Hawkeyes aren't doing well enough this season for him to be a finalist. Blaming that on Haluska is kind of like blaming Dave Mustain for how much Creed sucked. It's not 100% false, but there are definite larger issues you'd be missing out on.

Second, his stats aren't gaudy enough. It's not as if he's totally selfless--he takes 15 shots a game and records fewer than 3 assists per--but when the guys responsible for getting you the ball are Tony Freeman and the inimitable Mike Henderson, then, well... yeesh.

Once again, though, congratulations to Adam Haluska and his smoking hot fiancee. You're crazy if you don't think I'm looking for a picture of her right now. Check back in an hour or two. It shouldn't take me that long to find her picture, but after I do... I might need some alone time.

UPDATE: As far as pictures go, there's only one on the googles, and it's Haluska proposing to her. Not spank-worthy.

She is on facebook, though. I'm not doing the creep thing and posting them here. But she is on facebook.


Deacon said...

Typical blogosphere dick-move: reneging on promised pics of smoking hot women. You lousy dick.

Oops Pow Surprise said...

Hey, unless you want to see Haluska proposing to her, there's nothing out there. And I'm sorry, but if I'm linking to chicks, they have to be no more than 25% dude. This one's damn near 70.

Lord said...

I'm checking back to test this gmail thing. Still not sure about this >25% dude thing. You're gonna miss out on a lotta trannies with that number. Think it over.

Deacon said...

One more time